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Marketing Information, Advice and Guidance

Marketing is a very complex process which, in order to communicate a product’s or service value to consumers, must be led professionally from the beginning to the very end. focuses on some of the key “ingredients” of every successful marketing campaign with an aim to help businesses understand the importance of marketing for their success but we also seek to help businesses distinguish between different concepts and approaches to marketing.

Marketing Plan

Though businesses have to be very flexible in today's cut-throat competition, they also must know exactly how to reach the target audience and persuade the potential customers that their products/service offer the best value for their money. Marketing plan helps a business achieve just that.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is a very specific action or activity which aims to reach the target audience and make a product or service appealing to the potential customers. Just like marketing plan, marketing strategy is to be followed over a longer period of time, usually in combination with other strategies.

Marketing Research

Marketing research seeks to answer questions which are of key importance for both assessing the results of previous marketing campaigns and developing a set of strategies for future actions in order to achieve even better results.

Consumer Marketing

One of the most commonly used concepts puts the main emphasis on market or consumer demands. The theory behind market/consumer oriented marketing is that everything starts and ends with the ability to satisfy the needs and desires of the market.